Transactions and Dealing Center

The international Forex currency market was created and functions to all its members (all kinds of organizations and millions of individual traders) could carry out Forex transactions (trading on exchange rates). Forex Transactions significantly differ from traditional transactions implemented between large state-owned banks, where all the conditions prescribed by special agreements. Mansions stand and solid Forex transactions conducted between large commercial banks, deals with this kind of loss of participants in the transaction are minimal.

Consider only those Forex transactions that are made by small investors (small companies and individuals) through various intermediaries, providing a number of specific services. Most traders realize their transactions through Forex dealing centers.

Dealing center provides to its customers due to the trading conditions, informs them of the changes in valuations of currency pairs, announces important financial news and provides technical capability to carry out their transactions Forex anytime.

Already almost all dealing centers provide their clients with special trading terminals that allow the trader to freely navigate through all the changes in the currency market, constantly monitor the personal accounts, prepare and implement the right time Forex transactions. Most dealing centers allow their customers to generate and seamlessly configure your own trading strategy (even works in a fully automatic mode) using the methods of analysis of the Forex market.

Naturally Dealing centers can not and certainly do not work for free, all brokerage companies take their customers clearly stipulated commission for implementation of each transaction, whether buy or sell currency.

Most DC, honestly perform their intermediary functions defined by the Commission (and, therefore, a major source of income) is spread, resulting from the difference between prices on the sale and purchase of foreign currency in a particular currency pair. Besides some dealing centers receive some income for the open Forex transactions passing from one day to the other, such a commission called the swap and each DC set yourself some more DC for money transfers and some other services.