Position Trading: Main Features

The trading positions or position trading is the trading style of longer term in which operations can remain open for several months incuse years. In other words, trade with positions for long term.

Cash Price Model

The monetary management model considers each position with effective price based on the opening and closing of partial positions. The trader detects a trading opportunity and opens the first place, this is the main position. If opening more operations in the same torque and in the same direction, it will be treated as independent.
• The first position is the main, the shaft carrying the other decisions. If the first position reaches the set profit target and the trading plan is still valid, the trader will look for a new entry.

Trend Line Strategy

The great Jim Rogers (for many the best in the world of the commodity trading) commented in an interview, "the best trading strategies are the simplest of all, traders are complicated." I agree completely with him and I present a simple but effective strategy. If you are a hunter then seek to trace any trends in 1 day charts (most recommended) that is clearly established, this means that the candles (analyze the CAD / JPY) rest on the trend line . At least 2 or 3 of respectable size white candles formed the right leg trend and market entry is expected the necessary correction (Pull Back).

How To Measure Price Volatility

And financial market volatility is something that can not be separated. Every market is inherently volatile. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but the price is always changing, and changes are not volatile.

Commodities And How It Works

Commodities are simply raw materials. Most of the basic raw materials you can see around us, such as wheat, oats, pork, beef, as well as oil, gold or cotton - all those under the general title says commodities.