Global Financial Crisis

Despite the ongoing global financial crisis in almost all the leading economies, the Forex market in 2013 is not in danger. Forex in 2013, will continue its dynamic growth, constantly increasing turnover and improving trade.

Undoubtedly, 2013 will be a lot of turmoil in global financial markets as still there is a serious imbalance present in the United States, Europe and even in Asia. To volatility of individual currency pairs in the Forex market in 2013 may lead tension going on in some African countries and Iran, this could have a significant impact on the dynamics of change in the price of oil.

Consider some of the financial aspects that are likely to be influenced by changes in quotations of certain currency pairs in the Forex market in 2013.

A depreciation of the Swiss franc in the Forex market in 2013.
Taking into account the statements of Bank of Switzerland, one can certainly argue that in 2013, the Swiss National Bank will strive to reduce the rate of its currency. This forced the action, as the Swiss economy is in a critical condition growing unemployment, falling demand for Swiss goods (many Swiss business men going in neighboring countries), there is a sharp decline in production, significantly decreased revenue from the tourism industry.

Therefore, almost one hundred percent certainty can be assumed that the Forex market rate of 2013 EUR / CHF will rapidly move to the level of 1.5 proportionally to fall against the dollar and franc. Quotation of USD / CHF goes through 1.00.

The Forex market in 2013 is expected to decline regarding Japanese yen.
The assumption is based on the fact that the Cabinet of Japan is clearly the supporter of the weakening of the yen. In the Japanese economy emerging trends are similar to the Swiss. Now yen is putting negative impact on the Japanese economy, especially in the promotion of its products.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the Forex market in 2013 against the Japanese yen enforce key international currencies. The quotation of EUR / JPY is closer to 115, and USD / JPY will tend to the 100.